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Bend chair by Waste is More

Dezeen Showroom: coffee-based waste, recycled plastic and wood are used in the construction of the Bend chair by Thai design brand Waste is More.

The Bend chair's seat, back and arm rests are made from More's signature PlasCoff material, which combines recycled plastic with waste from coffee bean processing.

Photo of brown chair on white backdrop
The arm rests, seat and back are made from a composite recycled material

The chair's PlasCoff elements come in three neutral colourways – light beige Crema, sandy-coloured Latte and rich brown Espresso.

The deeper the shade, the higher the content of coffee waste – the tones contain two, ten and 20 per cent coffee waste respectively.

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Chairs come in a range of customisation options

The chair's frame is made from locally-sourced rubber tree timber, which is available in a range of finishes and treatments.

Chairs can be specified with either a small or large backrest and users can choose between an armchair or a chair without arms.

Product: Bend chair
Brand: Waste is More
Contact: [email protected]

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Photo of brown chair on white backdrop
Photo of brown chair on white backdrop