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Image showing greyscale cityscape

Eight projects by students at Hong Kong Design Institute

Dezeen School Shows: a collection of silver jewellery informed by the process of making a phone call is included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at Hong Kong Design Institute.

Also included is a greyscale cityscape comprised of photographs of iconic buildings in Hong Kong and an exhibition that examines the slower pace of life that people lived in the past.

Hong Kong Design Institute

Institution: Hong Kong Design Institute
Courses: Higher Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects, Higher Diploma in Music Production, Higher Diploma in Architecture Design, Higher Diploma in Interior Design, Higher Diploma in Furniture and Lifestyle Product Design, Higher Diploma in Film, Television and Photography and Higher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Technology
Tutors: Wai Keung Lam, Kenneth Tse, Viola Shum, Yin Ting Shum, Carmen Kwan, Damon Yau, Sam Wong, Anna Chung and Kentaro Nagano

School statement:

"Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), as one of the member institutions under the VTC Group, is one of the most influential design institutions in Hong Kong.

"It provides high-quality education to cultivate knowledge and professionalism, nurturing design talents to support Hong Kong's creative industry development.

"With years of experience in design education, HKDI brings together the strengths of its design departments – Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design, Digital Media and Fashion and Image Design – to provide over 20 full-time design programmes, preparing students for work with socially conscious solutions to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace."

Composition of images showing three stills from a film

A Moment by Chu Tim Kimbo Wong

"Life has its ups and downs, just like how movies have their own climaxes and plot twists.

"Sometimes, the outcome of one's life may not be satisfying, but what's important is to enjoy the journey, just as how sometimes with a movie, you may not like the ending, but there is always a scene that you enjoy.

"Hong Kong cinema was once popular all over the world in the 70s and 80s, but gradually faded away in the international market as Hollywood became the dominating force.

"One of the primary purposes of this film is to pay tribute to this lost golden age of Hong Kong cinema."

Student: Chu Tim Kimbo Wong
Course: Higher Diploma in Film, Television and Photography
Tutor: Wai Keung Lam
Email: eaokec[at]

Composition of images showing frames from a cartoon

The Call of Nyarlathotep by Him Ching Yuen

"Yuen's objective is to showcase the captivating nature of tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs) through an animated story that incorporates elements of terror and horror.

"By crafting a relatable narrative that highlights the social and personal benefits of TRPGs, Yuen hopes to inspire viewers to explore this genre of gaming and discover the unique thrills it has to offer."

Student: Him Ching Yuen
Course: Higher Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects
Tutors: Viola Shum and Yin Ting Shum
Email: eaokec[at]

Image showing wooden model

Serendipity – Sensory Space, Sensory Attitude by Pak Ching Ngai

"The purpose of this design is to provide a comfortable and soothing environment for students to gain inspiration and release stress brought on by academic pressure.

"Through the skilful use of variations in light and shadow, the design offers a range of sensations and allows people to gain a unique emotional experience.

"This design not only has potential applications in schools, but also in other settings such as offices, hospitals and homes."

Student: Pak Ching Ngai
Course: Higher Diploma in Architecture Design
Tutor: Kentaro Nagano
Email: eaokec[at]

Two renderings of interior

Serendipity – A Chance Encounter: Exhibition of Music, Chess, Calligraphy and Painting by Wing Yan Ng

"In ancient times, people lacked modern tools like mobile phones and the internet. If they were unable to go out, what did they do to pass the time? The exhibition aims to recreate the slow-paced experience of that era.

"Through various scenes and interactive exhibits, visitors can travel back in time and discover ways to relax and adjust to a slower pace of life.

"Additionally, the exhibition promotes social interaction and provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Chinese culture."

Student: Wing Yan Ng
Course: Higher Diploma in Interior Design
Tutor: Carmen Kwan
Email: yannnnny18[at]

Image showing

LifLin & Boundaryless by Chi Yin Fung

"By incorporating sports elements into furniture design, individuals who prioritise a high quality of life can develop their own exercise routines while enjoying the company of those around them.

"This connection between furniture and physical activity promotes a healthier lifestyle and can contribute to the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) movement.

"Using furniture as a medium helps establish interaction and brings people closer together, allowing them to feel each other's presence and bridge the distance between them."

Student: Chi Yin Fung
Course: Higher Diploma in Furniture and Lifestyle Product Design
Tutor: Damon Yau
Email: chyinnn9449[at]

Image showing metal jewellery on black background

Have a Call by Tsz Yu Kwong

"The emotions and sensations from answering or dialling a landline phone, cannot be replicated.

"This collection intends to evoke wearers' memories of communicating with a special someone.

"The Have a Call series is a portrayal of the entire process of making a phone call through four stages of actions: pressing, calling, picked up and hearing.

"Each stage is depicted in a unique and creative way, showcasing the different emotions and interactions involved in a phone conversation."

Student: Tsz Yu Kwong
Course: Higher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Technology
Tutor: Anna Chung
Email: yukikwong2001222[at]

Image showing blurred cityscape with overlaid text

Midnight Reverie by Wang Lik Fu

"This song describes a romantic night – the hero and heroine meet in the middle of the night and their emotions slowly sublimate in the night, giving a dreamlike feeling.

"A compound tempo is used to create a romantic mood and it is mixed with R&B style to make the song romantic. For the instrument, guitar is mainly used as the rhythm of the whole song and the huge 808 bass supports the song's low frequency.

"Besides that, some lo-fi piano is added in the chorus to add more layers.

"A male singer sings the main vocal and a female singer sings the harmony, to give the audience an image that the song is telling a love story."

Student: Wang Lik Fu
Course: Higher Diploma in Music Production
Tutor: Kenneth Tse
Email: jackcloud0817[at]

Image showing greyscale cityscape

The Portrait of Architecture by Justin Lik Tsz Lee

"The buildings photographed include the Murray Hong Kong Hotel, Lippo Centre, Bank of China Tower, Xiqu Center, the Hong Kong Palace Museum and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Innovation Tower.

"The photographs are focused on various techniques such as capturing different angles, emphasising specific architectural lines and showcasing the overall structural silhouette.

"The ultimate goal is to present the individuality and the character of each building."

Student: Justin Lik Tsz Lee
Course: Higher Diploma in Film, Television and Photography
Tutor: Sam Wong
Email: falconscarletphotography[at]

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Hong Kong Design Institute. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.