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Samples of Textures resin collection by 3form

Textures surfacing collection by 3form

Dezeen Showroom: from elaborate art deco patterns to the clean vertical lines of reeded glazing, American materials manufacturer 3form has released a range of new textures for its glass alternative Vari.

The Textures collection encompasses six different tactile finishes for 3form's translucent resin material, which has a wide range of applications – from partitions and dividers to sliding doors and art features.

Transluscent yellow room divider
Capitol is among the new Vari textures

Among them are three different linear patterns, designed to resemble reeded glass – the first, called Ozner, combines vertical fluting with intermittent horizontal lines.

Another, named Capitol, has generous vertical lines that create a ripple effect and the third – Rohe – features thin horizontal lines in a matt finish, creating a ribbed texture.

Samples of Textures resin collection by 3form
The collection encompasses seven different patterns

3form has also created a trio of vintage-inspired patterns – Deco has geometric art-deco linework, Bravo has a repeated pattern of five-pointed stars and Walker, which is embossed with the diamond-shaped pattern of a whisky tumbler in a matt finish.

"We are harnessing our expansive knowledge of resins and breadth of Varia with this Textures Collection," said 3form's chief creative officer Ryan Smith.

"We are providing an alternative to glass that enables designers to play with natural light, to add colour, and to form and fabricate with ease."

Rippled resin room divider in an office
Ozner is another linear texture in the collection

Each texture reflects and refracts the light in different ways, providing varying levels of privacy depending on the pattern and finish, with the matt textures being the most heavily obscuring.

The resin can either be left completely clear to resemble traditional glass or finished in a range of different colours, allowing the material to blend into any interior scheme.

Product: Textures collection
Brand: 3form
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