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a living room with cement tiles floor

Cement tiles by Karoistanbul

Dezeen Showroom: produced in workshops in Istanbul, Turkish brand Karoistanbul's cement tiles create striking mosaics when laid in sequence.

Karoistanbul's Cement tiles are handmade using a mixture of sand, aggregate and paint mortar.

The tiles enrich interiors finishes
The tiles aim to enrich interior design schemes

To produce the tiles Karoistanbul uses a collection of around 1500 pattern moulds, which are used by artisans to create the tiles by hand.

The tile manufacturing process as well as the designs themselves are informed by traditional techniques of cement tile production.

The tiles are durable for usage in wet areas
The tiles are durable and appropriate for installation in wet areas

Available in diverse shades of colours, patterns and sizes, the Cement tiles are ideal for floor and wall decoration across various interior spaces, according to the brand.

Product: Cement tiles
Brand: Karoistanbul
Contact: [email protected]

Dezeen Showroom

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