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EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image

EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image

Dezeen Showroom: Australian brand Woven Image has added five colourways to its collection of EchoPanel acoustic wall treatments.

The new colours in the EchoPanel collection are powder pink Dusk, cool green Mint, warm yellow Butter, rich brown Cayenne and green-brown Nutmeg, which join the existing spectrum of 34 hues.

EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image
New colourways include neutral tones such as Cayenne, as pictured on the Empire-style panel

Each colour has a dimensional, mottled appearance due to the product's material make-up – each EchoPanel is made from 100 per cent PET, of which 60 per cent is from consumer-used plastics, according to the brand.

The new colours are available as applied to the brand's existing array of seven patterns, including wavy Ohm, arch-shaped Palace and Empire, and stripy Align, Latitide, Longitude and Meridian.

EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image
Butter is a warm, soft yellow and is pictured on the Longitude-decorated EchoPanel

The panels are designed for use in commercial and workplace interiors in wall-mounted applications, as well as operable walls and space dividers.

According to Woven Image, EchoPanel is a certified carbon-neutral product with "impressive sustainable credentials" including the Global GreenTag certification among others.

"[It] boasts an impressive environmental product declaration that are recognised by International Green Building Tools including WELL, LEED, GreenStar and BREEAM, helping specifiers to source stringently tested sustainable products," said the brand.

Product: EchoPanel
Brand: Woven Image
Contact: [email protected]

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EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image
EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image
EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image