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Acoustic Timber panels by Autex

Acoustic Timber products by Autex Acoustics

Dezeen Showroom: acoustic product brand Autex Acoustics has released a series of sound-dampening panels, tiles and baffles made to imitate the appearance of timber.

Each item in the Acoustic Timber range is decorated with wood grain patterns referenced directly from natural timber veneers.

Acoustic Timber panels by Autex
Acoustic Timber comes in three installation formats

The surface patterns are printed onto tiles and panels with UV-cured water-based ink and have a high-end aesthetic.

Like the other panels in Autex Acoustics' catalogue, Acoustic Timber helps to control noise levels by absorbing excess sound to create a quieter, calmer interior space.

Acoustic Timber panels by Autex
A spectrum of wood grain finishes is available

The treatments can be installed in a range of interiors where sound levels need addressing, including lobbies, offices and mixed-use spaces.

Finishes come in a selection of tones and shades including pine, ash, oak, eucalyptus and walnut, which fit seamlessly into a wide spectrum of interior design schemes.

Product: Acoustic Timber
Brand: Autex Acoustics
Contact: [email protected]

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