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Frontier acoustic ceiling panels by Autex Acoustics

Frontier acoustic ceiling and wall system by Autex Acoustics

Dezeen Showroom: acoustic treatment brand Autex Acoustics has developed an acoustic ceiling and wall system designed to absorb sound in busy open-plan spaces.

Created for a range of interior applications including office, retail, education and hospitality settings, the Frontier system consists of a configuration of 3D and 2D shapes made from 100 per cent polyester fibre.

Frontier acoustic ceiling panels by Autex Acoustics
The acoustic ceiling system is available in rafts or fins

"Comprised of linear, almost skeletal elements, the modular Frontier system congregates to form undulating sculptures and rhythmic slatted features," Autex Acoustic said.

Treatments are available in two variations – fins or rafts – and the height, spacing and placement of each acoustic element can be customised with an adjustable channel and clip system.

Frontier acoustic ceiling panels by Autex Acoustics
The acoustic elements are made from 100% polyester fibre

Certified as carbon neutral, the Frontier system is suitable for use across walls and ceilings and can be installed flush, fixed to rails or suspended from extension rods.

There are a total of 21 colour options and nine styles to choose from, which can be combined to complement a space's interior aesthetic.

Product: Frontier
Brand: Autex Acoustics
Contact: [email protected]

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