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Resin flooring by Senso

Senso designs "world's first seamless flooring" with plant-based resins

Promotion: global surfaces brand Senso has created recyclable floor and wall finishes that aim to "provide an elegant, seamless canvas" and a healthier interior environment than traditional alternatives.

Senso's ranges of poured floors and wall coverings are designed to offer continuous coverage for residential and commercial spaces that are soft to the touch.

The brand creates its products, which it says are "the world's first seamless, sustainable and recyclable natural flooring", from plant-based resins, natural binders and toxin-free pigments.

Resin flooring from Senso
Senso uses plant-based resins for its flooring

Senso aims to offer an alternative to the seamless epoxy flooring that emerged in the 1960s, which produced environmental challenges and health risks due to the use of petroleum and harmful chemicals, according to the company.

"My dream was to develop a product that was both beautiful and long-lasting but also prioritised sustainability and had a positive influence on people's wellbeing," said Senso founder David Bols.

Following a decade of experimentation and research, Senso's flooring products were launched to "provide an elegant, seamless canvas" and seamless coverage without the use of harmful chemicals.

Resin flooring by Senso
Founder David Bols sought to create a product that was "both beautiful and long-lasting"

Available in an array of colours, textures and finishes, Senso's flooring features polished microtopping and comes in a number of iterations.

Superquartz is made from a combination of biobased resin and finely crushed marble. The result is a microblend terrazzo flooring with a swirly appearance.

Fusion is a two-tone, neutral flooring with a velvet-like finish. Another iteration is Bcrete, which Senso makes using recycled fishing nets salvaged from the North Sea and which is characterised by a smooth yet grainy texture.

Like Senso flooring, the wall coverings come in various iterations, including plain white and a grey-coloured "denim" hue. The brand described its wall surfaces as "next-generation Venetian plaster".

Resin flooring by Senso for The View in Marbella
Senso flooring features polished microtopping

Designed to be used in both home interiors and commercial spaces, the surfaces are resistant to limescale and mould, making them suitable for hotels, spas and restaurants.

Senso's floor products have been awarded Cradle to Cradle certification – an independent verification of sustainability performance – and can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

From villas in Prague and Berlin to store designs for Heineken and Louis Vuitton, Senso has clad an array of private and public spaces in its flooring and wall products.

Resin by Senso at Somerparc
Senso clads an array of clients, especially retail stores and private residences

"We create products that are truly sustainable for home and the environment, design friendly and made for creative people who want new inspiration with all luxury and comfort finishes," said the brand.

Senso has recently opened three new "experiential" showrooms in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, where customers can view their full product range.

For more information on Senso, visit its website here.

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