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Bluebell smart monitor
by Tangerine for Bluebell

Shortlisted for wearable design of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Bluebell is the first smart monitoring system for parent and baby by Tangerine.

Bluebell's family of connected products comprises a baby monitor, parent wristband, smart hub and app. The wearable monitor, a device that attaches to the baby's clothing, passively monitors their sleeping position, breathing rate and skin temperature and sends alerts to parents through messages and vibrations to the parent wristband and app. The wristband monitors parent activity and sleeping pattern and records the baby’s feeds and nappy changes and records a history of activity over time. The hub is the charge station and communicates with all devices using encrypted thread technology. It measures room temperature and provides audio, music and a nightlight, all controlled through the Bluebell app. Bluebell approached Tangerine to help it create and market a system that makes it more straightforward for parents to improve their baby's routines and sleeping patterns.

Designer: Tangerine for Bluebell
Project: Bluebell smart monitor

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