• Barber and Osgerby, London, UK

    Barber & Osgerby

    Barber & Osgerby was founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in 1997 and is a London-based design studio. More

  • Child Studio, London, UK

    Child Studio

    Child Studio is a London-based design practice, which specialises in interiors and installations. The design collective works across various media including spatial design, furniture, photography and video to build distinct spatial experiences. More

  • Estudio MMX

    Estudio MMX

    Established in 2010, Estudio MMX is a collaborative architecture and design practice based in Mexico with a range of diverse projects. More

  • Form us with love, Stockholm, Sweden

    Form us with love

    Form Us With Love is a Stockholm-based design studio whose practice blends traditional creative techniques with a lean, strategic application. More

  • Joe Doucet, Brooklyn, US

    Joe Doucet

    Joe Doucet is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer and entrepreneur. More

  • Karamuk Kuo

    Karamuk Kuo

    Karamuk Kuo is an architecture and design studio based in Zurich, Switzerland, and was founded by Jeannette Kuo and Ünal Karamuk in 2010. More

  • Leong Leong

    Leong Leong

    Founded in 2009, Leong Leong is an architecture firm and creative agency based in New York. More

  • Linehouse, Shanghai, China


    Linehouse is an architecture and interior design office founded by Alex Mok and Briar Hickling in Shanghai in 2013. More

  • Mamou-Mani


    Mamou-Mani is an architecture and design studio founded by architect Arthur Mamou-Mani and  based in east London and specialises in the link between parametric design, robotics and sustainable materials. More

  • Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

    Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

    Matt Gibson Architecture + Design is a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design practice with a focus on well-crafted, context-responsive design. More

  • Mecanoo


    Mecanoo architecten, founded in Delft, Netherlands is 1984, is an international architecture and design practice. More

  • MGA | Michael Green Architecture

    MGA | Michael Green Architecture

    MGA is a Canadian architecture and design firm based in Vancouver that aims to solve complex issues, support the health of the community, engage with the environment and improve quality life. More

  • Morrama

    Morrama is an industrial design agency based in London, UK, which is a product of a young team of creatives that live and breath design. More

  • Note Design Studio

    Note Design Studio

    Note Design Studio are a Swedish, Italian and Finnish design studio based in Stockholm, founded in 2008 by Johannes Karlström and Cristiano Pigazzini. More

  • ODA New York

    ODA New York

    ODA is a New York-based architecture practice founded in 2007, by Eran Chen, Founder and Design Director. More

  • Odd, Beijing, China


    Odd, also known as Okamoto Deguchi Design, is an interior design studio based in Beijing, China More

  • Plantea Estudio, Madrid, Spain. Photo is by Pablo Gómez-Ogando

    Plantea Estudio

    Plantea Estudio is an architecture and design studio in Madrid, Spain. It was founded by two brothers who wished to combine their knowledge of the industry in 2012. More

  • Sevil Peach Architecture and Design

    Sevil Peach

    Sevil Peach is a British Architecture & Interior Design practice based in London. More

  • Soho House Design, London, UK

    Soho House Design

    Soho House Design was established in 2013 as Soho House’s in-house design team to support the group’s global expansion by providing ongoing interior design and architecture service. More

  • Studio Drift, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Studio Drift

    Studio Drift is a studio based in Amsterdam, which creatively imitates natural phenomena to research and improve the impact of technological​ innovations on our environment. More

  • Studio Gang

    Studio Gang

    Studio Gang, founded by Jeanne Gang in 1997, is an architecture and urban design practice headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, San Francisco and Paris. More

  • Studio MK27

    Studio mk27

    Located in São Paulo, studio MK27 was founded by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan in the late seventies. More

  • Stufish, London, UK


    Stufish Entertainment Architects specialises in permanent, touring and temporary entertainment architecture. More

  • Japanese studio Takt Project

    Takt Project

    Established in 2013, Takt Project is a design studio based in Tokyo, led by Satoshi Yoshiizumi. More

  • TC Plus

    TC Plus

    TC Plus, based in Bruges, is a team of interior architects founded in 1997. More