• Barber and Osgerby, London, UK

    Barber & Osgerby

    Barber & Osgerby was founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in 1997 and is a London-based design studio. More

  • Form us with love, Stockholm, Sweden

    Form us with love

    Form Us With Love is a Stockholm-based design studio whose practice blends traditional creative techniques with a lean, strategic application. More

  • Joe Doucet, Brooklyn, US

    Joe Doucet

    Joe Doucet is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer and entrepreneur. More

  • Studio Drift, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Studio Drift

    Studio Drift is a studio based in Amsterdam, which creatively imitates natural phenomena to research and improve the impact of technological​ innovations on our environment. More

  • Stufish, London, UK


    Stufish Entertainment Architects specialises in permanent, touring and temporary entertainment architecture. More