2019 results

Cardboard Bombay
by Nudes

Shortlisted for restaurant and bar interior of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, this cafe in Mumbai's central business district, designed by studio Nudes, is made almost entirely from 100% recycled and biodegradable cardboard.

The studio designed the cafe using parametric modelling and everything apart from Cardboard's core, shell and services in the cafe has been made from cardboard. This includes walls, tables, chairs and lamp shades. To prevent water absorption and facilitate maintenance, the table tops are impregnated with wax treatment.

The cardboard cafe was designed to show how hard-wearing and versatile a biodegradable material such as cardboard can be.

Multiple layers of cardboard that were precision cut to produce the desired shape, form the curving and fluted shapes of the furnishings. Benches cut from the wall panels protrude out into the space, and pieces such as tables and children's highchairs are made from cardboard elements that slot together.

Designer: Nudes
Project: Cardboard Bombay

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