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Under – Europe’s first underwater restaurant
by Snøhetta

Shortlisted for hospitality building of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Under by Snøhetta is Europe's first underwater restaurant.

The 495-square-metre restaurant, designed by Snøhetta to resemble a sunken periscope, is fronted by a huge panoramic window that gives diners a view of the North Sea's marine life. The building is located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, in the remote village of Båly in Lindesnes. The 34-metre-long monolithic concrete tube has slightly curved walls that are half-a-metre thick, providing optimal resistance against the forces of waves and water pressure. The rough concrete facade that can withstand the most powerful storms are in contrast to the warm oak and textiles of the interiors. As well as being Europe's first, Under is also and the world's largest underwater restaurant. It can seat up to 40 people and is also used as a marine research centre.

Architect: Snøhetta
Project: Under
Read more: Snøhetta

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