2019 results

Mot shoes

Shortlisted for wearable design of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Mot shoes by DCSG have been designed as an everyday sneaker for the modern Vietnamese consumer.

Mot is an attempt to provide a product that represents the local market's values and speaks directly to their needs. In response to globalisation, the shoes are an attempt to interpret contemporary Vietnamese design and provide a new approach to consumerism. Designed with sustainability in mind, DCSG aim to change consumer behaviour through the minimalist shoes.

The design involves an inside-out construction of the upper that intentionally hides all shoelaces under opening flaps, with eight stitched squares representing the eight hidden lace loops underneath. In contrast to the minimalist upper, the sole is heavily patterned and the side pattern is inspired by traditional roof tiles in central Vietnam. A segment of Vietnam's coastline is imprinted on the bottom of the shoe. Colour options include red, green, blue, light grey and black, in a nod to the vibrancy of Vietnamese aesthetics. The shoes are made using leather and canvas for comfort and durability.

Designer: DCSG
Project: Mot shoes

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