2019 results

Wild Coast Tented Lodge
by Nomadic Resorts

Shortlisted for hospitality building of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, Wild Coast Tented Lodge is a a 36-tent safari camp by Nomadic Resorts.

The series of organic structures are designed to mimic the rocky outcrops that are scattered across the local landscape, with the aim of integrating the camp seamlessly into the site. Hospitality studio Nomadic Resorts worked with interior designer Bo Reudler Studio to create the safari camp in Sri Lanka, which overlooks the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by woodland. Sustainability, landscape, architecture and heritage are intertwined in the design of the resort, celebrating the flora, fauna and culture of the area with minimal intrusion on the landscape. The camp's waterfront bar, restaurant and library are enclosed within two dome-shaped structures clad in reclaimed teak shingles, designed to imitate the local landscape.

Architect: Nomadic Resorts
Project: Wild Coast Tented Lodge

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