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Jiunvfeng Study on Mount Tai
by Gad Line+ Studio

Gad Line+ Studio

Gad Line+ Studio has designed a white cloud-like pavilion that overlooks a sacred mountain in China.

Hovering beside the sacred mountain Mount Tai, Jiunvfeng Study is located on a rocky ridge above Dongximen Village in northern China.

The study is attributed to nature in the shape of "a floating cloud hovering in the mountains."

The steel system and the membrane structure are solid, reliable and lightweight, which enables the design to draw the thin and stretching shape with the natural curve on the top of the hill, forming a delicate skeleton.

This project has been longlisted in the cultural building category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Architect: Gad Line+ Studio
Project: Jiunvfeng Study on Mount Tai
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