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Theater Zuidplein Main Auditorium
by Studio RAP

Main Auditorium - Theater Zuidplein
Theater Zuidplein Pim Top

The City of Rotterdam commissioned Studio RAP to design the main auditorium of Theater Zuidplein.

Studio RAP designed the theatre's acoustic walls, which in one fluid movement embrace the audience and the artist.

The project was designed using algorithms, which resulted in a rippling ocean of thousands of triangles. This created the perfect acoustics possible, and the expressive hall was able to be realised within planning and budget.

It's an eye-catching design, and not just because of its use of bright shades of red. Like a stylised cliff face, the acoustic walls enclose the main auditorium of the new theatre, which is made from an enormous aluminium-composite puzzle, consisting of 6,000 uniquely shaped pieces.

This project has been longlisted in the civic and cultural interior project category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Designer: Studio RAP
Project: Theater Zuidplein Main Auditorium


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