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Ódena's Plaza Mayor
by SCOB Architecture and Landscape

SCOB Architecture and Landscape has remodelled a public plaza in Ódena, Spain, creating new meeting points and shared banks for visitors of the area.

Prior to its remodeling, Ódena’s Plaza Mayor was not in fact a square, but simply the centre point space where the six main streets that cut across the old city centre intersected and converged.

This condition, added to the strong slope, between the north and south ends, turned the place into a gibberish of road crossings that left some small, scattered and isolated spaces. Citizen use in the center of the municipality was thus very divided, greatly hampering the development of community life.

To resolve important level changes, and achieve areas with softer slopes for use as meeting places, a common system was used that is deployed throughout the area in the form of stands or stairs. These new places, in turn, become shared banks, playgrounds, meeting spaces and meeting points.

This project has been longlisted in the landscape project category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Architect: SCOB Architecture and Landscape
Project: Remodelling of Ódena's Plaza Mayor
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