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The Audible Light
by Soho Interior Design

Soho Interior Design

Soho Interior Design has designed an apartment in Taiwan, updating the materials, colours and furnishings that are commonly used in living spaces.

Adapting the axis of light keeps the living space away from creating dark areas, due to changes in the direction of sunlight, and because the entire space is facing east, south and west, it promotes the division of three optical axes into three parallel light spaces.

The interfaces between the light spaces are made of highly transparent material, so that the sunlight can pass through at any time to lead the light source to another axial space. In the daytime, every space facing the light source is bright.

The introduction of light, through the control of environmental physics, also drives in the flow of natural wind. The environment doesn't need to rely on mechanical balance. The temperature and humidity and the appropriateness of the light source are necessary conditions for a comfortable space.

With the texture and interface of the materials, the lights and shadows, which were made by the light that shined into the room, were not flat.

This project has been longlisted in the apartment interior category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Designer: Soho Interior Design
Project: The Audible Light

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