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Voisin Organique
by Various Associates


Voisin Organique is a contemporary Chinese farm-to-table restaurant that aims to emulate the experience of traversing a mountain valley.

The restaurant draws on classic aesthetics, uses ingredients grown in its eco-certified farm, and integrates age-old Chinese cuisine with fine-dining experiences.

The owner entrusted Various Associates to conceive the interiors, requesting a lounge and a fine-dining area.

Taking into account site conditions, such as height difference, the giant gleaming pipe, corners and the dark space, and combining these with the restaurant's brand concept and its pursuit of a natural environment, Various Associates envisioned a concept story of having picnic in valleys, and regarded it as the design thread.

This project has been longlisted in the restaurant interior category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Designer: Various Associates
Project: Voisin Organique

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