• Aether Eyewear by Aether Audio Eyewear

    Aether Audio Eyewear by Aether Eyewear

    Public vote winner for wearable design of the year: Aether blends refined eyewear design with innovative open-ear audio technology into beautiful products that enable you to curate your own personal ambience.

  • Entry Portals by Asif Khan

    Entry Portals, Expo 2020 Dubai by Asif Khan

    Public vote winner for installation design of the year: These three 21m high Entry Portals are the entrances to each thematic district of Dubai Expo 2020 and the first architecture people see at Expo. More

  • Modus by Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen

    Modus by Bunkholdt&Kirkestuen

    Public vote winner for workplace design of the year: Modus is a modular tabletop system for office spaces, that adapts to different environments.

  • Sunne by Marjan van Aubel Studio

    Public vote winner for lighting design of the year: Sunne is an autonomous, ambient solar light for indoors that combines sustainability, design and technology.

  • Soda by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

    Soda by Miniforms

    Public vote winner for furniture design of the year: Yiannis Ghikas has designed Soda for Miniforms: a coffee table born upside-down, with a puff of air.

  • CArrelé by Nature Squared

    CArrelé by Nature Squared

    Public vote winner for homeware design of the year: The CArrelé collection is the world's first collection of handmade eco-friendly eggshell tiles.

  • Forest Crayons by Playfool

    Forest Crayons by Playfool

    Public vote winner for product design of the year: Forest Crayons is a set of crayons naturally pigmented entirely through Japanese wood.

  • Ermis Chair by The New Raw

    Public vote winner for seating design of the year: The New Raw goes zero waste by creating this limited series of the Ermis chair, which is made using the waste material of their production line.

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