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Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum
by CSD Design

Photo by Ting Wang

CSD Design has designed the Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum in Chengdu, China.

This project, and the designers, wanted to build a space that could inherit the architectural temperament and meet people's need for the functionality of space on the one hand and extend the spiritual core of the building on the other.

Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, centring on the Yinggui Lake, face each other across the bank, with a cover of a total of 75,000sqm. It's such an area where nature and art integrate together featuring splendid cultures so that the spirit of the city and new trends of fashion create infinite possibilities.

The perfect design of this project makes the most of the architectural form and design meaning of the whole cultural space. The creation of the Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum is inspired by the city flower of Chengdu – the hibiscus, mellow and elegant.

The whole space is full of the power of tension, which is also reflected in the interior design to show Chengdu dwellers' tolerance, kindness and love for art, as well as the cultural spirit of Chengdu. On the contrary, the architectural massing and form of Tianfu Museum of Contemporary Art emphasise the towering mountains surrounding Chengdu.

This project has been longlisted in the civic and cultural interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Designer: CSD Design

Project: Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum


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