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Siân Sutherland

Sian Sutherland

Siân Sutherland is co-founder and key spokesperson of A Plastic Planet.

Sutherland is the lead spokesperson for A Plastic Planet, an organisation that works collaboratively with various stakeholders to reduce global plastic waste. She works alongside governments, innovators, industries and the United Nations to create pro-solutions to reduce the use of plastic

In 2023, PlasticFree launched a database of over 100 plastic alternatives for designers and architects. This subscription-based service provides users with in-depth reports on plastic alternatives, offering key insights into their properties, production and sourcing. 

Additionally, Sutherland has an entrepreneurial background in advertising, film production, skincare and Michelin Star restaurants. Her passion for social change, brand creation, campaigns and business has seen her the recipient of multiple awards, including Female Marketer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and British Inventor of the Year.

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