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Pilar Zeta

Pilar Zeta

Argentinian-born Pilar Zeta is an artist best known for her immersive installations.

Based in Mexico City, Zeta creates surreal spaces which she considers to connect individuals with their higher selves.

Installations showcased by the artist include Hall of Visions at Miami Art Week, The Space of Variations in Los Angeles and Future Transmutation during Miami Art Week.

In 2023, Zeta showcased her installation Doors of Perception, a collaboration with Mexican sculptor Andrés Monnier, at Galerie Philia in Mexico City's Zona Maco art festival. Presented alongside the installation, crafted entirely from marble, was Zeta’s first series of furniture pieces, which feature similar colours and geometric elements as the Doors of Perception.

Zeta has collaborated with several musicians, including Coldplay, Lil Nas X, Katy Perry, and Camila Cabello. She won a bronze Clio Award in advertising for best direction for Camila Cabello's music video, and a Grammy nomination for her outstanding role as the Art Director for Coldplay's Everyday Life album in 2021.


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