COS and Hay's homeware collection for Spring 2016




Danish brand Hay is one of the most dynamic in the sector at the moment, expanding aggressively and engaging in a range of eye-catching initiatives and collaborations.

Its huge exhibition in Milan in April was a statement of its ambition while its redesign of IKEA's iconic yellow and blue shopper bag displayed its ability to pull off the unexpected - and was our most popular story about the brand.

Hay also forged a partnership with COS, producing a range of homeware products with the fashion house and expanded into China, where it is developing products specifically for the vast nation's smaller homes.

Sometimes referred to as an upmarket version of IKEA, Hay is learning from the Swedish giant and developing flat-pack furniture such as this sofa by the Bouroullec brothers.

But it wasn't all big, bold statements: this little candlestick with a flame-extinguishing mechanism designed by Lars Beller Fjetland was the second most-popular post.

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