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Placed at 80 in our overall Hot List and 19 in our ranking of brands is Italian furniture brand Moroso – one of Italy's most influential design brands.

The family company was launched in 1952 by Agostino Moroso and is now run by his children, Roberto who is CEO and creative director Patricia Moroso, who gave us a highly personal tour of the brand's factory earlier this year.

Patricia is responsible for supporting and launching the careers of a number of the world's leading designers. Ron Arad has described its creative director Patrizia Moroso as "a master, like Michelangelo, with a carving knife", while Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola recognises the company as giving her "credibility".

Popular projects by Moroso include its partnering with well-known architects, like seating that features sharp angles and faceted forms by Daniel Libeskind and an Art Deco-influenced collection by David Adjaye.

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