Under the Landscape

26 Jun26 June24 Jul24 July 2022
Therasia, Greece

Under the Landscape is a research project that includes a symposium and exhibition, which aims to generate dialogue among various fields of knowledge concerned with the study of landscapes, with a particular focus on the Greek islands of Santorini and Therasia.

The event is organised by the interdisciplinary research collaborative Itinerant Workshop on Traditional Building Techniques – Boulouki.

The symposium includes keynote lectures by philosopher of art Karsten Harries, cultural geographer Kenneth Olwig, landscape architects Teresa Gali-Izard and Jane Hutton, and anthropologist Tim Ingold.

It also comprises a three-day workshop, where fifteen researchers will introduce their academic works. The exhibition consists of two parts: Knowing from Below, which presents the methodology and findings of Under the Landscape and In Ex Situ, which presents sculptures made of theran earth and lime, in addition to other artworks.

Under the landscape takes place from 26 June to 24 July at various locations in Santorini and Therasia.