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Still from A Matter of Void

Models Talk

Dezeen has teamed up with the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) to premier three short films profiling recent building projects that address contemporary urban issues in Japan.

Called Models Talk, the series of three films explores the problems, concepts, and inventive propositions underlying the practices of Japanese architects Kazuko Akamatsu, Kumiko Inui, and Erika Nakagawa.

The three films will be published here from 1 December 2021:

1 December – A Neighbourhood in A House: Erika Nakagawa
2 December – A Matter of Void: Kazuko Akamatsu
3 December – Recipe for Mixed Rice: Kumiko Inui

Models Talk is produced by the CCA with Kayoko Ota and Studio Gross as part of its CCA c/o Tokyo programme.

On 8 December, the CCA will host a live conversation between its director Giovanna Borasi and Ota about the three films, with the participation of Studio Gross, Inui, Akamatsu and Nakagawa.