Fade chandelier by Zaha Hadid for Swarovski



We haven't had anything by Zaha for at least two days so here is her new chandelier design for Swarovski.


Called Fade, it will be exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens, London, next week, alongside other chandeliers from the Swarovski Crystal Palace collection.


A temporary canopy designed by Hadid will also be built on the lawn outside the gallery to host the Serpentine Summer Party on 11 July.
The canopyy was commissioned when the gallery realised that the pavilion designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen of Norwegian architects Snøhetta would not be ready in time for the party, which is the gallery's main annual fundraising event and a fixture on the London social scene.
The party is sponsored this year by (surprise!) Swarovski.

Here is Swarovski's press release:


The Summer Party
Serpentine Gallery and Swarovski Crystal Palace
Co-Chairs: Zaha Hadid and Dennis Hopper
Wednesday 11 July 2007

The Serpentine Gallery and Swarovski will be co-hosting The Summer Party, the Gallery’s annual fundraising event that will take place on Wednesday 11 July. Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher, Partner at Zaha Hadid Architects will design a temporary installation in which The Summer Party will take place. It will be sited on the lawn next to the Gallery where it will remain for a period of one week.


There will be a presentation of Swarovski Crystal Palace chandeliers commissioned by Swarovski Crystal Palace, including ‘Fade’ a new design by Zaha Hadid. The design is drawn from the primary elements: gradient effects and interlacing networks. Long span tension structures are complex and prove challenging in many ways. The chandelier being place in a field as a temporary installation created an additional challenge in that it cannot be rigged into the ground invasively. To accomplish this task efficiently while preventing sagging and structural failure, the chandelier will be partially buried in the landscape, hiding from sight the compression element which allows the chandelier to maintain its shape.

Made of stainless steel, the chandelier’s structural elements are non-corrosive and polished for reflectivity. The aim is to make the structure blend into its surroundings all the while highlighting the Swarovski crystals which will appear to float above the ground, catching the light and dispersing it about the environment. The chandelier will comprise two types of crystal dispersions: the first being a gradient effect and the other a pixilation effect.

Swarovski Crystal Palace will also be exhibiting Lolita designed by Ron Arad, Prived Oca by Humberto & Fernando Campana, Ball by Tom Dixon, Black & Lite by Amanda Levete, Cosmos 1 & 2 by Naoto Fukasawa and Kas & Kade by Karim Rashid in the Gallery during the evening.

Swarovski Crystal Palace is a revolutionary concept aimed at reinventing and revitalising the chandelier, one of the most evocative and emotive expressions of cut crystal. Steeped in history and heritage, redolent of 18th century splendour and candlelit intrigue, the chandelier was frozen in time, undiscovered by the design community. Whilst celebrating the rich traditions of the chandelier, Swarovski Crystal Palace has broken barriers, played with the rules and opened a new chapter in the history of lighting.

Swarovski Crystal Palace has invited leading designers and artists from all over the world to create their own contemporary interpretation of the chandelier, to give new expression to its story, meaning and message. Their inspirations came from many varied sources, amongst them the natural world, the visual arts and high technology. The results are dramatic, captivating and are emotionally-charged.

Swarovski Crystal Palace will be exhibiting at Selfridges’ Ultra Lounge on the lower ground floor from 1st – 26th August.

The Summer Party Committee is co-chaired by internationally acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid and screen legend Dennis Hopper.

The temporary installation by Zaha Hadid is designed as an open air space, 5.5 meters in height that consists of three identical fabric structures or parasols arrayed around a central point. Each parasol develops sculpturally from a small articulated base to a large cantilevered diamond shape. Taking inspiration from complex natural geometries such as flower petals and leaves the three parasols overlap to create the installation’s main conceptual feature: complex symmetry, interweaving all-the-while without touching, allowing air, light and sound to travel through narrow gaps in a state that is both open and likewise tending toward closure. Raised on a low platform located within an open field flanked by a row of trees just South of the Serpentine Gallery, the installation is free standing and accessible from all sides.

The Summer Party Committee includes Saffron Aldridge, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Matthew Barney, Barbara Broccoli, Saffron Burrows, Arki Busson, Giles Deacon, Olafur Eliasson, Tracey Emin, Norman Foster, Mariella Frostrup, Antony Gormley, Kim Hersov, Allegra Hicks, Damien Hirst, Christopher Kane, Tim Jefferies, Isaac Julien, Anish Kapoor, Evgeny Lebedev, Ross Lovegrove, Marc Newson, Phoebe Philo, Richard Rogers, Rosario Saxe-Coburg, Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover, Juergen Teller, Kjetil Thorsen, Wolfgang Tillmans, Philip Treacy, Felicity Waley-Cohen and Stephen Webster.

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  • max

    The zahahadid blog showed us that its more enthusiastic and appeasing to showcase zaha`s work in process of design or installation and not just show the end result…
    so please Marcus can you show us more images of for example: the serpentine pavillion in process of construction.

  • MCA

    2 days was the record? Maybe….
    Thanks for present us the same old story…
    I´m really sick of Zaha Hadid work. Why this blog is presenting all time this kind of architecture? maybe this world is made by Zaha and i don´t know…
    Why don´t you show some Portuguese architecture projects, for example.

  • Zender

    Because Zaha is paying them to post this… if your work doesn’t talk for himself, it’s better that someone talks about it, even if you have to pay :P

    Are you portuguese? Siza Vieira and Souto Moura are doing some great stuff!

  • anarchitect

    Dear dezeen,

    Are your paychecks signed by Zaha Hadid?

  • nunosantos

    are you crazy!
    i am portuguese,and i am a architect. the architecture we make is poor, at least 80 years old. the materials we use are old story,our contruction method too.
    our costumers are, most of them, ignorant, the new rich kind. the sisas and the soutos, the porto school, are no best or more truth, their works are made of a formula they arranged and then they sell it, plain and simple.
    i know deeply their works, and my frieds, sisa never knew all those luxury italian materials, only marbel, stone,and nordic wood(to the floor of course).
    and more proof to that, they havent any real large scale project in their lives, and they dont have the possibility to that. not their fault but the coutry we live is to small and poor.

  • MCA

    I´m Prtuguese, and i´m an architect too. I just want to say that we have great architects. Of course that everyone knows better ?lvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura. I like them. they are excellent authors. But they aren´t the only architects in Portugal.
    It´s really sad, hear a person saying that his own country is “small and poor”, mainly, in a “international” blog. Where is the evolution with this mentalities? We must do the best to make the things happen, and not criticize what is done.
    I agree when you say that Oporto school have no more relevance. Is the past, because today, the global information, provides knowledge, new identities, new researchs, more poetical.
    I suggest the architectural photography website, presented by the Portuguese photographer and Architect Fernando Guerra (Fernando Guerra+Sérgio Guerra – Architectural photography) – http://www.fernandoguerra.com
    In this adress, everyone can see the plurality of our architecture.
    We don´t want to see only “Hadids” or only “Sizas”.

  • Zender

    nunosantos?! Are you smokin’ something funny?! I’ve worked some months ago on Rua do Aleixo (yeah, the Siza/Souto Moura offices!), and you gotta be TOTALLY crazy to say that “they havent any real large scale project in their lives” :O

    I mean… T O T A L L Y C R A Z Y ! ! !

  • Zender

    E sim… porque é que eu respondi em inglês?! Ao menos fui universal. Achas o país pobre e pequeno?! Talvez… mas quem é bom tem sempre o seu lugarzinho.

    Trabalho mais para chegares onde queres, e não sejas “pseudo-beata” da arquitectura nacional. Fartos disso andamos nós!

  • nunosantos

    zender… um nome bastante português?
    quando eu falo de trabalho em grande escala refiro-me a duas coisa: complexidade, articulação com diversas areas de especialidades, e dinheiro.
    o sisa e o souto nem sequer seriam admitidos a concurso de um aeroporto na maior parte dos países.
    arquitectos bons em Portugal?…se os há, fazemos autênticos milagres com o que temos.
    se somos pobres?…se somos, já conseguíste por em alguma casa armários da molteni,bebitalia,poliform ou é sempre do seu manel carpinteiro com umas ferragens fabulosas e fiáveis?
    agora, mca,(carvalho de araujo?), já conheço o site

  • nunosantos

    and MCA if you are carvalho de araujo, do you know the shift library from bebitalia? like a dejá vu.

  • MCA

    Caro Nuno Santos, sem querer prolongar esta desnecessária troca de galhardetes, que não leva a lado nenhum, sem ser a uma troca de pontos de vista e maneiras de estar diferentes, apenas quero referir que não sou a pessoa a que se refere.

  • Zender

    “se somos pobres?…se somos, já conseguíste por em alguma casa armários da molteni,bebitalia,poliform ou é sempre do seu manel carpinteiro com umas ferragens fabulosas e fiáveis?”

    Sim… e melhor que isso. Não sou arquitecto. Sou designer industrial e de interiores, e há muita gente a pagar BEM para ter produtos REALMENTE de qualidade dentro de casa. E quando digo bem, meu amigo.. digo mesmo BEM!

    O mercado está cá todo. Tens é que o procurar, e oferecer algo que realmente mais ninguém ofereça por cá. Com qualidade, claro ;)

  • nuno

    melhor que bebitalia? estou curioso!!!
    envia-me os sites, por favor, além da arquitectura, sou um grande apaixonado por design!
    o meu mail é nunovieirasantos@mail.pt, fico contente por conhecer alguém que saiba que o mundo é maior que o país.
    lamento o meu discurso um tanto inflamado, mas é uma questão de retórica, exagera-se e generaliza-se para a mensagem passar. Este azedume é o resultado de tanto tempo a lutar contra mentalidades deslocadas no tempo, habitam neste tempo fisicamente mas mentalmente habitam numa ideia de historia mítica, alem de um espírito critico totalmente ausente. isto ocorre de maneira transversal na sociedade, incluindo instituições publicas,que ate chegam a recomendar intervenções “suavemente contemporâneas” onde não existe nenhuma classificação! sim…isto ocorre.
    é um zeitgeist de um tempo difícil de definir, talvez seja um tempo de transição…
    vamos lutando…e sendo felizes

  • Zender

    Nuno, vou fazer melhor que isso. Agora em Outubro vou apresentar uma colecção de mobiliário desenhada por mim na Intercasa, FIL em Lisboa. Na altura enviarei-lhe por e-mail o site que está a ser construido para a ocasião, e o convite a visitar o stand.

    Garanto-lhe que não é nada que esteja habituado a ver neste Portugal, e acredite que por cá muita gente já abre os olhos!


  • Hi There,

    Just to let you know that we are the manufacturers of the Fade Chandelier. It was an extremely demanding piece of work. The metalwork alone was ground breaking in terms of manufacture – nothing like this has been achieved before to our knowledge.

    Please feel free to look at some of the work we have done at our website.

    Nick Arrowsmith

  • eli

    Nuno you must be a f…… loser! Get a life! Zender and MCA nice to know how proud you are of Portugal. It was a pioneering country and important for many other ones. Because of people like our sweet friend Nuno (frustrated people and always waiting for something free), Portugal is living the worst time of its life. And i don’t mean just about €€€, but confidence, truth, comradeship. Well, but new blood is coming out to show how Portuguese creativity is outstanding. This month a very important architecture triennal is happening in Lisbon (Zaha Hadid was one of the guests). I wish i was there. I would love to see your exhibition Zender. And thank you MCA for the website link. All the best.

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