Dandelion Light by Sunghwa Jang


Dandelion Light by Sunghwa Jang

New Designers 07: Dandelion Light is a swaying standard lamp with a polyester shade designed by Sunghwa Jang, a design graduate from Kingston University in London.


The light is on show at the New Designers exhibition in London until 15 July.


Below is some information provided by Jang:


Personal details

Name: Sunghwa Jang
University: Kingston University


Product details

The name of product is Dandelion Light 2007

1. the concept of the design
. The five dandelion lights gently sway in the breeze created by people as they pass by
. My design is inspired by the warm feelings and memories of blowing on dandelions
when I was a child
. The dandelion lights express these childhood memories; warm, playful, emotional


2. Material and specification
. 100% polyester - this material is the top of light
. Polycarbonate (melting point: 130~140 centigrade) - It can protect polyester
. 40w energy saving bulb - the feature of energy saving bulb is low temperature
. Plastic lamp holder
. 6mm carbon fiber tube - it is the body of light and the most important role for light to move
. 3 core white cable . 8 mm steel tube *5- It can stand carbon fiber tube from heavy top of light
. 150 mm steel base*5

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  • jemma

    the movement of the light is great, and i particularly love the last image, it truly convays the feeling you are trying to create.

  • Marija

    send me a contact of designer, beaceuse I would like to published her products in magazine, so I nead High Resolution photos.

    Best regards,


  • sunghwa Jang

    hi everyone
    thanks for people who concerned my dandelion light
    fortunately, I have got a chance to exhibit 100% future in september in london however it costs £900 to rent space to exhibite my light there .But I have finance problem so I am looking for sponsor to help me
    it will very appriciate to me.

  • sunghwa Jang

    my contact number is 07886401468

  • sunghwa Jang

    hi there
    I am looking for a job in particularly, lighting company if you are interested in my design.please do not hesitate to contact me. thanks
    Sung Hwa Jang
    Tel +44(0) 7886401468
    E mail sungpal8973@hotmail.com

    2005-07 Kingston University BA(hons) Product& Furniture Design Course in UK
    2003-04 English language course in Queensland University of Technology in Australia
    1998-01 Su-Ji High school in Korea

    SKK Company
    Address 34 Lexington Street, London W1
    Date Feb~ May 2006
    Position Hand rendering of manager’s design
    Window dressing visual display of product
    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Premiere Standard, Microsoft Office Word
    Solid works 2007, 3D MAX, Hand Rendering, fluent Korean, English

    2006, Apr Milan Furniture Fair in Italy (“as if by magic?)
    2006, Oct 20th International Interior Biennale in Belgium
    2007, July New Designers in London
    2007, Sep 100% East London

  • Lee

    저랑 똑 같? ??? 하셨군요
    놀랄 만? ?사한 부분? 있어서 메? 남기고 갑니다

  • haley

    wow..that is awesome light that i’ve ever seen..
    looks so innocent and pure
    I really like her idea ..dandelion. impressive:)
    how can i purchase that light?
    i really want to buy that light..

  • Hey Sammy!

    How are you!
    I gotta say that I am really impressed with your achievements and I think you are getting the attention you deserve! I am really happy for you and I hope I will see you soon.

    Best regards.

    Roman Bianco (Paaavooo!!!)

  • i really love this idea,at the moment i am doing my own project on dandelions at the moment and would be sincerly grateful if you could .email me anything interesting that you collected when doing your project congratulations on such a successful piece

  • Penelope (Hyeim)

    Hi Sunghwa
    It was really nice to talk to you.. I am so proud of you and I feel happy with the fact I had taught you. I am looking forward to seeing you on Oct.