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Dandelion Light by Sunghwa Jang

Dandelion Light by Sunghwa Jang

New Designers 07: Dandelion Light is a swaying standard lamp with a polyester shade designed by Sunghwa Jang, a design graduate from Kingston University in London.


The light is on show at the New Designers exhibition in London until 15 July.


Below is some information provided by Jang:


Personal details

Name: Sunghwa Jang
University: Kingston University


Product details

The name of product is Dandelion Light 2007

1. the concept of the design
. The five dandelion lights gently sway in the breeze created by people as they pass by
. My design is inspired by the warm feelings and memories of blowing on dandelions
when I was a child
. The dandelion lights express these childhood memories; warm, playful, emotional


2. Material and specification
. 100% polyester - this material is the top of light
. Polycarbonate (melting point: 130~140 centigrade) - It can protect polyester
. 40w energy saving bulb - the feature of energy saving bulb is low temperature
. Plastic lamp holder
. 6mm carbon fiber tube - it is the body of light and the most important role for light to move
. 3 core white cable . 8 mm steel tube *5- It can stand carbon fiber tube from heavy top of light
. 150 mm steel base*5