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New Designers 07: here is our first post from the New Designers Part 2 graduate showcase, which opened last night at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Paper Mache Arm Chair (sic) is designed by Majid Asif of University College for the Creative Arts. The chair is made of 120 layers of newspaper built up over an inflatable mould.

Asif's website,, is under construction. Meanwhile, here is a statement from Asif:


Paper Mache Arm Chair

Inspired by a Metro advertising Campaign which displayed images of innovative and creative ways in which to reuse waste newspaper. The Paper Mache Arm Chair is a product which uses a low tech production method (paper mache) to produce a one off product.

The mould used to manufacture this product was an inflatable. Therefore once the 120 layers of newspaper had been layered onto the mould the inflatable could be removed once dry. The product I feel highlights mass consumption and also makes effective use of waste material.

If the same product were to be reproduced, no two products would have the same end aesthetic; therefore each product would be produced as a one off. The joyful aspect of paper mache is the simple fact that anything can be added to a product to change its strength and form (e.g. polystyrene cups etc).

Majid Asif

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  • abyssinian


  • lotty

    I find that your “paper mache armchair” is not only an aesthetically pleasing design, but also ingages the viewer to think further. The observer can, therefore, reflect upon the many current issues highlighted by this piece, without loosing its playful side. It’s FANTASTICO !!!!!!

  • danseng

    yeah, can’t imagine that being too comfortable.

  • jemma

    Obviously its a chair and it can be sat in, but i would think its main function is ment as a conversational piece therefor comfort is not the main issue. I would agree with lotty that it is successfuly highlighting current issues (that of mass cunsumption and the stresses this has upon the enviroment), in a playful way. I like it!

    Note to many people who have posted messages on this site (about other designers): to become a good critic you must beable to look benieth the surface and offten appreciate design you do not like asstheticly, design is not all about the way a piece looks and can have many functions. What good would design be if it did not chalange our minds. Many of you coments are very ignorant.

  • kevin


  • Maj

    Its a conversational piece which was inspired by reusing waste material, function was never the first consideration when making this piece.

    To see more of muy design work please visit my website which is online (currently under construction)

  • Colleen

    I am looking for an idea for outside furniture – two single chairs and a couch (and maybe coffee table and side tables as well!!) – going to paper mache them and then fibreglass over it with colour pigment – voila! throw some cushions at them and will then have weather proof, zooty, different furniture that friends and family can talk about!! Been an idea of mine for a long time now …

    • cheyanne

      so have you done it yet?

  • bamm

    i like it, i would put a latch door on the back and store magazines and newspapers waiting to be recycled for my next chair, ha functionality

  • jg

    i would love to see the finished product! all painted and that!

  • Lida

    That is so cool, i really like it!!! would love to have a chair like that myself!!! Nice!!! :)


    Dear Majid
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  • kate

    great ideas fabulos wow great !!!!

  • hey asif
    i think its a very interesting idea … i am also working with paper mache and looking into ways that would bring change in viewing paper in general. i think its a great start to change the views about paper and to show how it can be put in use for our daily life style

  • Pat

    Love it. Different, quirky and I love the big sculpture pieces. It has certainly given me food for thought and something I may try myself, although I have not done anything remotely like it. Newspaper, patience and thinking outside the box. Right, I am going to get started.

  • Heidi

    HI, I am almost finished with my paper mache chair. The idea for it started with my husband who wanted to throw away our perfectly usable (but scratched and ugly) outside plastic chairs. So I covered onw with a thin layer of paper – to beautify it, and then sealed it. The motivation was not as much to save money but not to add to the growing cesspool of waste plastic, never to be used again. Anyway, that got me thinking about an inside reading chair, so I took another ugly plastic chair, some old plastic pool piping (to enlarge the arms, legs and top of the back and covered with newspaper). This looked ok, but it was still obviously a modified plastic chair so I filled in the dise gaps with cardboars, a broken plastic hander and sections of old cardboard boxes. The legs looked fine but the feet had the pool pipes ending just before the ground, so I places 4 empty coke cans on the feet, which covered the mismatched leg endings. I am now making the sides stronger with a few layers of newspaper and then will do a final layer with selected newspaper sections. I will post photo's as soon as its done, as i've captured the various stages. (heidi)

  • Cathy

    I think " ignorant comments" should be welcome as they round things out a bit. (~;

  • Serious

    Please, could you tell me how this chair is made, which materials do they use for the inside? How the inflate mould is made? If you could tell me the sizes of it too.