Dubai Renaissance by OMA 2



OMA in the Middle East: Office for Metropolitan Architecture have sent over a few more images of Dubai Renaissance, a 300m-tall rotating skyscraper.


The tower is conceived as a slab of traditional city lifted up from horizontal to vertical and accessible via "vertical transport" rather than streets (above and below).


Interiors are the result of collaborations with artists and designers, including Konstantin Grcic (top image).

Update 30/07/07: it seems this picture shows a previous project by Grcic (see comments below) but the image was provided by OMA, presumably because it is indicative of their interior concepts for Dubai Renaissance.


For more images and a full description and credits, see our earlier story.

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  • Zender

    Interiors are crappy, but I do like the exterior concept..

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Isn’t that interior shot of Grcic’s special exhibition at the Stylepark space this past year at Cologne?

  • this picture shows ´medina´from KG n cologne.

  • gaque

    kinda goofy that it rotates, but might be cool i guess. the bumps/swells on the facade are awfully like an r&sie skyscraper project for la defense..

  • Name

    What an ignorance of human beings

  • eli

    nice comment Name…

  • I like to see Grcic in smaller doses.

  • Jim

    turkish bazarre for the interior scheme, did you run out of time and ideas? awful.

  • Nick

    I heard him lecture about this building in Southern California and his reasoning behind this concept was that he was trying to step away from all of the craziness and architectural noise that is becoming dubai and “go back to the basics” of simple, clean and straightforward design. A thin rectangle standing veritcally in the air…..that rotates. wtf? so much for being subtle. His reasoning behind making it rotate? It’s “green” in that Air Conditioning and Electricity will not have to be used because it rotates with the sun hitting the skinniest sides of the building and doesn’t heat the main sides of the building. Ok, fine. But I wonder what he thinks it will take to ROTATE A FREAKN BUILDING.

  • yoooo!

    Actually, I heard they’re planning to have really powerful magnets at the bottom of the building and the top of the base so these repel and the building floats.

  • Mark

    Less power consumption for the AC – yeah right!
    Save 10Kw from the AC and use 10Mw for the levitation magnets! Sounds green!

  • poppins

    oma having some fun.
    and to least you love it or hate it. this is better than some of the endless depressing sprawl that so many are building that is only good for forgetting.
    if it weren’t for projects like these, we would all be numb with boredom.

  • the have the money, so they can do it