Light Bulb Packaging by Olivia Cheung


Light Bulb Packaging by Olivia Cheung

New Designers 07: Light Bulb Packaging is a light designed by University of Brighton graduate Olivia Cheung that attempts to avoid waste by converting packaging into product.


The bulb comes in a laser-cut paper box that converts into a filigree light shade.


Cheung's website has a Flash animation showing how the product works.


The product was shown at the New Designers show in London in June.


Below is some info from Cheung:


Olivia Cheung

University of Brighton: BA (Hons) 3D Design


Olivia has always been interested in art and design and being creative from an early age. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Olivia grew up in Wigan, United Kingdom.


She studied Art Foundation at Winstanley College and was awarded with a Distinction in 2004. She later went to study for a degree in Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton.

Her work is about creating unique objects that have a sense of intrigue, which are inspired by popular culture, the environment around her, and finding interesting ways of using materials.


Olivia’s interests lie in the concept of being able to reuse objects, as some objects take on other more interesting uses that become diverse from their original function, such as her Light Bulb Packaging.


Product name: Light Bulb Packaging


Size approximately: (When Light Bulb Packaging is closed) (H)270, (W)100 (D)100mm


Size approximately: (When Light Bulb Packaging is open) (H)200, (W)200, (D)200mm

Production: 2 colour screen print onto vellum paper which is then laser cut.

Target audience: 18 to 40 years, females, students, young professionals

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  • shem

    So in an attempt to avoid waste by converting packaging into product, she uses 3 times as much packaging! well done!

    • Mr. Wonder

      how can it be three times? did you include the packaging for the lamp?

  • Zender

    Very Tord Boontjish……

  • H

    so what’s new?

  • Beautiful work !

  • Eva

    so… what do you do when the bulb burns out? buy a whole new pack or replace the old bulb?

  • louise

    Of course the light bulb is replaced!

  • john

    Bugger was designing same project, with similar idea in mind, although not a new one so i have been told recently, and came across yours now i have to rethink my direction, ha ha ha, love your work but looks a bit complicated and fragile is it difficult to assemble?

  • Candy

    Totally cool!! Great for gifts during Chinese New Year too!

    :p I love it!

  • Romina Acosta

    soy Romina tengo 25 años y son de San Juan provincia de Argentina y los diseños de esta pagina me encantan me gustaria conocer mas de sus motivos. garcias

  • Jay

    Im so happy that Olivia is doing so well, she is one of my best freinds and we were best mates on the foundation degree course.

    Im so impressed by her innovative ideas and originality, she truly has a talent to make things appeal and create something from nothing.

    I cannot express how proud I am of her, and how much her work inspires others.



  • Laura

    Eva, this is true. How are replacement bulbs packaged?
    And if green is the point, are the lighting, paper, and production methods also green?

    Either way, great concept and forward thinking. Beautiful product as well. Whether it defeats the point or not, I would buy the bulb just for the lamp.

  • zahra

    thanks for so beutiful works:)

  • amir

    veri nice.

  • stephanie stilwell

    hi Im an art and design student at college and we’re doing a project on paper enginerring and packaging. I love your design and would love to see a net of it so I could base my own design around asimilar shape as I think your design is awsum. thanx

  • lizzie . w.

    hey !! im also an art student currently doing a national diploma in art n design i would love to here about some of your other work and to see some help how to follow in such beautiful work patterns oh and i would like to explore some of yours methods to create new ones for myself to use im hoping to redesign my room !! xx so any cool ideas would be greatfully loved xxxxx

  • Tumi

    Fantastic design, only one concern though..

    A person buys a lightbulb, but in a bid to prevent wastage of packaging, they cover up the light bulb in a material that barely allows any light to escape, maybe some other material could be used for the packaging, as the lightbox really does affect the light quality of the room, and might impair vision.

    Other than that if I was going for a very dramatic look, I would definitely buy the two-in-one product.

  • Laura

    Not really environmental in the long run. The most environmental packaging in many instances might be simply to use much less packaging, and to use sustainable and organic materials and practices.

    It is undeniably clever, gorgeous, and well crafted. Keep up with the green mindset and the wonderful work.