Z.Car by Zaha Hadid



Rove, the website of art dealer Kenny Schachter, presents new images of the Z.Car concept vehicle he commissioned from architect Zaha Hadid.


The images include renderings of the vehicle and photos of the prototype being manufactured.


A prototype of the three-wheeled vehicle is currently on display at the Design Museum in London as part of the Zaha Hadid - Architecture and Design exhibition.


See photos of the car at the show on our Zaha Hadid blog.




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  • Zender

    Probably the worst concept ever made. Zaha should just dedicate herself to architecture. Design is for designers!

  • J Burgher

    Her architecture’s not any better.

  • Mert Ucer

    She's throwing designs in front of her "creators" then they create that curved ideas as you see above.

    • Principle

      Exactly. There are several in-house creatives/designers within Zaha’s practice. Yes, she may have approved it but there is a good chance it’s not her actual design.

      Please do not belittle her work. She’s doing things you and your favorite architect/designer could only dream to imagine.

  • Grzechu

    brilliant design… if you love to have half of your car constantly covered with mud. i’m wondering, did so brilliant desgner as Zaha ever heard of rear muguards? lol

  • Richard Hammond

    Actually I think this is pretty cool. Compact and with a really nice shape that seems to be aerodynamic as well as responding to the shape of the occupants. I think the mud will wash right off. I’d buy one. Very elegant.

  • MKK

    Interesting to see how many designers, ‘drop the ball’ when asked to design a car.

  • Jim

    She is on an ego trip, this is horrible. Why don't they hire designers to design?

    • Farah

      Maybe, but doesn’t everyone deserve the chance to prove their skills to their full potential? Most people are too afraid or distracted. I respect her and all her designers’ risk-taking!

  • Dekodex

    no fun no design no building no car no concept
    just nurbs everywhere
    zaha just find rhino

  • chapmaniac

    everything zaha creates lately seems to look kinda like a self-portrait

  • it is nice, even though I prefer the concept car (MIT) called transology. it is done by a axel kilian and some other guy. He used rhino… maybe nurbs are everywhere

  • peh

    i like collani better. who is zahra..

  • M Hrus

    is this a prank? c’mon, is this is the level of thinking we should expect from our pritzker winning vanguard designers? may i be the first to call for her impeachment!! her designs are looking more like her at every unveiling… overly curved and ugly. Oh well, back to my frank lloyd wright pop up book!

  • Thanks for yet another in-depth look at an contemporary fraud!

  • Zender

    Hrus….. these days everyone can win a Pritzker. The days of Siza Vieira, Tadao Ando, Ming Pei or Richard Meier are long gone!

  • hail the visionaries

    you guys and gals?? sound like a jealous bunch…
    Zaha is one of the few visionary architects and designers around today designing the future… with so few people out there copying each other or unwilling to take risks it’s not surprising we havent really seen cars change in 20 years…
    anyone really curious about her work should check out her website http://www.zaha-hadid.com. And if your ideas are better then stop f*** complaining – get drawing and put your designs up here with your real names!

  • LRS

    to hail the visionaries : thank you for the fresh air! it was getting saturated of nerds !

  • sridhar

    stop talking guys and get working ….zaha had the balls to go out there and do it.
    today there is a shortage of fresh ideas..i dont care if it works or not but we need this kind of shit man.
    has anybody seen the le corbusier car? you will know what im talking about!

  • Boney

    The only place I’d drive that thing is off a cliff

  • Colin

    i dont think you would need mud guards as this isn’t the type of car you would take beyond the city. . . also isn’t the angle of the windscreen to low for regulation?

  • I think the design is post modern and out of the box, I just keep on wondering where the designer will place the location of the motor, and aside from that I think the wheels are kinda off for me.

  • Avakhon Khinsharri~

    I believe they USED this design precisely for a hollywood movie…. THE CAT IN THE HAT had a car that looked exactly like this! Anyone wanna ponder IF that was coincidence OR they actually HIRED this designer to use that for the movie? Just a thought.