R3 Ukishima by Klein Dytham Architecture


It's Klein Dytham day on Dezeen, and here's another of the Tokyo-based architects' new projects: a commercial building in Naha, Okinawa, called R3 Ukishima.

The building contains Ai Cafe 54, a cafe dedicated to Japanese female golfing sensation Ai Miyazato, plus several boutiques.

Photos are by Daici Ano. Here's some text from KDA:


Ai Cafe, a four unit commercial building is located just off Kokusai Dori, the main tourist street in Naha, capital of Okinawa.

It is here in Ukishima Dori that many trendy boutiques and galleries are located, here is where Okinwawa's tradition and young culture meet.

The site proposed a major challenge: a long street frontage facing the side of a bland convenience store onto which all 4 retail units had to face including the cafe.

The response became the key element of the building: a 25m long, 5m high perforated concrete block screen - ubiquitous to Okinawa - which encloses a balcony access to the 2nd floor while screening off the convenience store, electriclty and telephone wires running along the street.

The screen with its pixelated pink orchid pattern creates an internal world for the cafe while letting the air and light into the building.

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  • interesting

  • it’s perfect!

  • Way to go, Astrid & Mark! And what a problem you faced. Nice erasure of the phone lines and “konbeeni” problem!

  • y.h.

    Viva Venturi Scott Brown!

  • yooo

    don’t like it.

  • Now, if the world could just figure out how to rid our gaze of all power poles…

  • ChrisC

    Subtle yet absolutely stunning. The simplest set of elements; colour, pattern and light, what more beauty do you need?

  • yashika shetty

    What material is the orchid screen made of?

  • Dear Yashika,

    The screen is 25 metres long and 5 metres high and is made from perforated concrete block.