House in Yokohama by Torafu Architects


Tokyo design week: Japanese architects Torafu presented images of a house they have designed for Yokohama at the Pecha Kucha x Design Tide event last week.

Torafu consists of Koichi Suzono and Shinya Kamuro.

No text available in English unfortunately.

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  • They appear to have taken the diagonal as a starting point rather than the upright – so it’s open plan but with clearly marked out ‘zones’ which makes it a quite appealing design

  • Agreed. I too find it an appealing method of zoning.
    Though I wonder how appealing it would be to the heads of small children, and subsequently a family’s insurance bill?

  • Pushy Galore

    Not a very efficient use of space. The conventional boxes around it contain much more living room.

  • m

    the roof’s gonna collect rainwater.. and prolly will leak, prepare to be sued i say

  • EonS OneS

    what it say?

  • fvale

    m…we are in the 21st century..there are tons of ways to solve that problem…look at Casa da Musica in Oporto…

  • stranger

  • Salvadore

    come on ppl its not about a water collection problem at this kind of hose. its about an expresion. its very mature!

  • the inward roof can be very efficient for collecting water other than thought of as protecting the user from the rain.