Meeraboo ST-1 and G-Force by Victor Vetterlein


Here are a couple more designs by Victor Vetterlein, who also created the Meeraboo FL-1 floor lamp we showed yesterday.

Above and top is the Meeraboo ST-1 side table while his G-force wardrobe chair is below.

Texts are from Vetterlein:


The ‘Meeraboo-2007 ST-1’ side table, with its built in light source and storage compartment, explores the notion of integrated systems where the design components having contradicting qualities.

For the ‘Meeraboo-2007 ST-1’ side table, there is a dichotomy between the curvilinear lower portion of the table, and the hard edge linear shape of the tabletop. Reminiscent of the hermit crab that takes possession of abandoned items on the ocean floor for camouflage and protection, the organic lower portion of the side table appears to be clinging to the underside of the table. A vertical vent stack protruding through the tabletop plane suggests reconfiguration and adaptation to the new union. What were once two very different objects has merged into a unified entity.

There is a quality about the ‘Meeraboo-2007 ST-1’ side table that seems intelligent and mobile. One can imagine the table re-adjusting itself for better positioning upon a voice-activated command. It is highly probable in the future that as technology advances the mechanical and bulky aspects of robotics will disappear, and intelligent systems will have more streamlined organic forms.

The ‘Meeraboo-2007 ST-1’ side table is designed to be adjacent to an entry doorway. The built in light source illuminates a golden orb that in turn baths the entry with a warm glow. The orb also serves as a storage compartment for precious items such as keys, wallets, and jewelry. The table is 36” high, 36” wide, and 12” deep. The material composition is fiberglass, wood, and metal with a high gloss white finish. The interior of the orb is finished in high gloss gold lacquer, and this carries through the vent stack where golden light casts an ellipse on the ceiling of a room.

Introducing a new wardrobe chair by Victor Vetterlein called G-Force.

Perfect for kicking shoes off or slinging clothes over, G-Force is the quintessential wardrobe chair. At 18 “ high for the seat, and 36 “ high for the head, this fiberglass chair is lightweight, sturdy, and super sleek. The concept for the chair design is acceleration, and the elongated head is suggestive of warped surfaces that are prominent when pliable masses are exposed to g-forces.

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