Blobwall by Greg Lynn


Architect Greg Lynn presents a modular wall system called Blobwall at Design Miami later this week.

Blobwall, which is made from a lightweight honeycomb material developed by Panelite, is "a freestanding, indoor/outdoor wall system made of a low-density, recyclable, and impact-resistant polymer."

It will be presented at the new T-Concepts showroom in the Miami Design District during Design Miami, which runs from 6-9 December.


Posted by Rose Etherington

Posted on Monday December 3rd 2007 at 11:36 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Missy

    i want to run up towards it and hopefully it should bounce me back haha niiiice!

  • Andrew

    Looks neat from up close. I wonder how it looks from afar…

  • yooo

    Oh god, this is ridiculous. Whatever happened to his eggplants? (which were also horrible)

  • charles

    its so kawaii lol

  • 3D Panton!

  • JImmy

    I want to run away from it and hopefully it should go bye-bye from my eyes haa haa awful!

  • efj

    And to think each one of the pieces is 500.00 and that was on sale…they look bad as a wall maybe better as a just have to turn your head

  • I could see something like this in a kids room, but thats it. *Gasp* ta horror.