Movie: Stuart Haygarth
at Design Miami


Design Miami 07: Our fourth movie from Design Miami features designer Stuart Haygarth explaining his Drop Chandelier - a water droplet-shaped light made from the bases of used plastic water bottles (movie length: 1 min 4 secs).

Haygarth built the light in the Miami Design District as part of the design performances project at the fair, held from 7-9 December. More info and photos of Drop Chandelier in our earlier story.

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  • vparter

    This is amazing hanging bits of plastic water bottles from fishing line theres hope for students everywhere. I suppose its about the same as hanging party poppers or old spectacles.

  • brad

    i really rate haygarth’s work but this is pretty old hat. been done a long time ago…

  • saw some funky bottles at Bethnal Green 's V&A museum of childhood using a similar theme….I'm just not sure about the geography of the product – can it be recycled or will it eventually end up as landfill or fish food? The artist has a good eye but is he jumping on the sustainability bandwaggon and creating more unstable 'solutions'?