Wardrom by Paula


Italian designers Paula have designed a vertical wardrobe to catch articles of clothing thrown at it.

Paula consists of 3 designers: Valerio Ciampicacigli, Gabriel Berretta and Simone Bartolucci. They sent us the following statement about the project:


WARDROM "Randomize YOUR wardrobe"

A modular system born to enhance DISORDER, making it graphically catchy. Very often coming back home or in our room, clothes are abandoned where they are taken off infesting chairs, beds, sofas or anything useful for the purpose of heaping.

WARDROM is an object that invites throwing clothes as if it were a natural and instinctive act; wordrom is a vertical wardrobe for young and/or disorganised people of the new millennium, a modular flat wall accessory, made of semirigid PU macro-pils made to randomly house any type of clothing.


Posted by Rose Etherington

Posted on Sunday January 13th 2008 at 10:34 am by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • nice idea! my clothes are covering the whole room.

  • clement

    i love the light, donut shape, also designed by her?

  • Now, THIS is useful!

  • This product is just what everybody wishes for all his or her lifetime, ha… Throwing clothes around is finally ‘legal’! :D

  • I love it – makes me think of my bachelor brother!!! :-)

    ON another note – wouldn’t want to throw the gossamer fine lace cardigan at it!!

  • That’s great! No more walking on clothes… :)

  • Haha, such a good idea indeed. This is a wonderful idea of marvelous ludic design. I’d see that in a nice teenager room, though I’m pretty sure anyone loves throwing clothes all over his or her room. ^^

  • Glen

    I’m probably being neurotic but I’m scared of having spiky things at eye-level.

  • togon

    that is down right AWEFULL looking.

  • thanks!

  • Nooooo… gorgeous!
    We saw WARDROM in Rome last october… during “Design week” exhibition… ahaha hahahaha!!
    Look for more infos… Paula is really a good team with rare italian young ideas!!

    Take care!!

  • fojxl

    Oh now that is just genius.


    Nice idea!
    That’s true life!!

  • makah

    You guys are genius!

  • R

    Where can I buy this?

  • Christan

    What if you accidentally got knocked into it? How sharp are those ends??

  • dreamferry

    this was made for me.
    A modular system born to enhance DISORDER – will make my life easier
    how much is it and where to be found?

  • didi rocha

    Cuty! I want know who i can buy.