Ascot Collection for Lladró by Bodo Sperlein


Designer Bodo Sperlein has created a new collection for Spanish porcelain brand Lladró.

The collection, launched at IMM Cologne earlier this month, takes elements from equestrian figurines from the brand's archive, and applies them to tableware and writing desk equipment.

Ascot Collection is part of Lladró's on-going Re-Cyclos project.

Re-Cyclos is an ongoing series of commissions that draw inspiration from the Lladró archive. Design duo Committee also launched a range for the project at IMM Cologne (see earlier story).

See Sperlein's earlier collection for Lladró Re-Cyclos, launched in December 2006, here and here.

See Sperlein's beautiful chandeliers for Lladró in 2006.

Here's some text from Sperlein:


Spring additions to Lladro’s Bodo Sperlein Re-Cyclos Magical collection

Bodo Sperlein introduces an equestrian theme to his new and racy Ascot collection.

The unique Re-Cyclos Magical collection has been extended through a series of objects inspired by the beauty and elegance of horses’ physique; paying homage to Lladro’s fluid porcelain sculptures.

The Ascot collection is a versatile group of table top accessories, which bring a touch of originality and style to any table. Horses’ legs, heads and hoofs are used in a clever and inventive way to invite us to touch and admire each piece. Subtle and elegant natural grey horse fur tones and effects are hand painted on handles, lids and elements of each product. The collection is a celebration of the highly skilled Lladro porcelain craftsmen.

The collection introduces a tea set, including teapot, mug, cup and saucer. To enliven the table, a centerpiece bowl, and set of napkin rings add a theatrical flair. Breakfast/soup bowls and plates create stunning platforms for a variety of food. Combined with accessories such as a dramatic cloche, and butter knife these pieces provide a surprising way to showcase delectable delicacies and treats.

The collection also caters for the writing desk where a witty magnifying glass and letter opener cleverly use the ergonomics of the horses’ leg as a handle. Evoking the sublime desk accessories of the past, these treasured items make unique unisex presents.

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  • Nuno

    What the… ?

  • maboica

    I believe all these projects are under the direction of Jaime (Hayon) and it becomes obvious of course; but it seems that he could do this work himself and it doesn’t seems to bring a new inventiveness to Lladro overall. I think that “pomo” should be over and done and Lladro is in no need of this style (as they have enough of it) but rather a fresh new look into ceramics and overall formal experimentation.
    Cute though!

  • K. Rimane

    i like it. very artistic and amuzing at the same time. A+

  • fran

    insisto en creer que esto ya está visto, aún cuando moderen mi comentario. No encuentro novedad estética en colocar una pata de algún ungulado como asa. Lo mismo con el resto de las piezas de porcelana de la misma firma mostradas antes.

  • I love this. It’s whimsical and quite beautiful. I have a soft spot for most anything animal related though.