Cut Attachez by Shay Alkalay


Israeli designer Shay Alkalay has sent us an animation and still images of Cut Attachez - a system that allows you to attach a drawer to an existing piece of furniture.

The drawer is supported by two runners that are inserted into diagonal cuts in the surface of a table or desk made with a power saw.

See also our recent story on Alkalay's Pivot drawers.

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  • gelb

    innovative, however that edge of the two yellow boards can be pretty dangerous. it’s too sharp but most of all an inch of it protrudes to the top of the table which makes an obstruction. i see more rooms for improvement.

  • tomato

    this looks more like some art piece than for functional use

  • I just love at how stable it looks in the animation…
    Those cuts weaken the structure.

  • hank crane

    you gain a drawer and lose a usable surface.

  • The comentary above displays weakness of mind.

    “Efo sylabus?”

  • M

    a lot of effort and very little gain

  • Matt


    send the table to Africa and you might encourage the kids to read and write better!

  • Thomas

    The slant of the yellow plates also assure that the drawer will be firmly wedged all the time, instead of smoothly moving.

    A screw-under drawer would be very well possible, but not so artful, I suppose.

  • While i’ll agree with the other comments here, i do think its thought provoking and can see a real usable idea coming from the concept eventually.. Though i’m not convinced there’s a need to saw through anything… quite so much…

  • Fran

    I agree. It doesn’t work very well. But it’s fantastic. You can turn a useless piece of crappy furniture into an original dancing drawer. I love it.

  • Architecture Nowadays…

    I would do that to some dull buildings! Not with a drawer though…

  • piet faloppa

    Could have been nice if the materials and form were nice

  • Bob

    This may well be the stuipdest idea in some time. As you fill the drawer friction will make it increasingly difficult to open. In time, downward force against the angled slats will create torque and split the now weakened table top. Add a drawer… produce kindling.

  • Sorry, but that’s retarded…

  • LUKE

    I think it might work better to just cut holes in the yellow slats and then the furniture doesn’t have to be destroyed. you would have to connect the slats to maintain the angle, though- you could use the strips that you take out of the yellow pieces to connect the two slats

  • grimmer

    more artistic then practical, I agree.

    however it is thought provoking and speaks to product reuse, good work!

  • Mister Carpenter

    There’s no need for the yellow slats to rise over the surface of the table, so if you need to use the tabletop surface, it’s still possible, just push them down.