New images of Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud


More airships: French designer Jean-Marie Massaud has sent us a couple of new images showing the interior of his flying hotel proposal, Manned Cloud.

The two two-deck cabin will include a restaurant, a library, a fitness suite and a spa. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that the bedroom interior (above) features the new task light Massaud has designed for Swedish brand Wästberg, which we wrote about earlier this week.

More details on the airship (shown below) in our earlier story.

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  • Nuno

    Beam me up Scotty!

  • luxury larry

    seriously cool

  • th

    I agree with these notions and it looks great. Projects like this shows that we are reaching the promise of the future of flying hotels – almost like the flying hotel/ cruise ship of the Fifth Element.

  • zand

    Manned Moby Dick.

  • Andrew S.

    I think I read somewhere that this is going into development. Maybe archinect.

    Either way, this is fantastic.

  • shingai mokina

    i reallylike make the ideaof flight even more luxurious and amazing. somebody oughta build that thing fast.

  • zuy

    i like it …but it’s for 2020

  • Christine

    First of all it should not be white! Straying aircraft won’t see it on a cloudy day. It should be easily seen by anyone from aircraft to birds. I for one would be afraid to ride in it. I wouldn’t be able to relax wondering if it would be hit by lightning, be blown around by a strong wind, or whatever! One more thing….do we all remember the Hindenberg??

  • Beautiful!!! Three questions: The cost; how far along is production; is he willing to design/prototype a slightly smaller one??? I would be VERY interested in details and detailed info!!!

  • fuzzywzhe

    I can tell by just a cursory look that it's not stable.

    Maybe some of these supposed "designers" ought to consult an engineer. There is no point in designing something that can't be built.