Love in the City by Anke Weiss


We've been saving this one for Valentine's Day... Love in the City is a concept by Dutch designer Anke Weiss to turn red stop lights into love hearts.

The concept involves covering red lights with circular stickers with heart-shaped cutouts.

"The heart-shaped stickers are put on the stoplights at night," says Weiss. "Red is not only the color of danger and restriction, but also the color of passion and love. By changing the shape of the stoplight the atmosphere in the city is altered. Hopefully the busy city-people take a moment to snap out of their daily rush"

Weiss also designed the Packaging Lights we featured a few months ago.

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  • Arch

    Just nice. It would make me smile if i see red lights like this.

  • raphael

    this is a sweet, but not new…It happened already several years in Brussels since a couple of years, around Valentine’s day by some enthousiastic lovers…

  • That’s not right to credit this person for that: an underground collective has been doing it in Brussels, BE every year since 2001. And they also use the Irish Clubs icon to put on green stoplights on Saint-Patrick’s day.
    It’s actually a game of hide and seek with the cops, as some of them will use their paid time to remove the stickers instead of tracking down drug dealers :)… Aaah, Belgium…

  • I really liked the packaging lights idea by Weiss but I’m not as keen on this one. It’s a nice novelty but I’m not sure it’s anything more than that.

    Maybe thats all it needs to be though?

  • hb

    here is the berlin equivalent :)

  • sander

    but not very hot design news
    for years voluntary people have done this already in Brussels

    one cannot blame people for having the same ideas,
    but then leave the ‘poetics’ of the deeper meaning and let’s appreciate it as it is; just a nice idea

  • F

    still …. very sweet …even if not new .

  • ashlee

    I took a photo similar to this last July. The lights were near Republique in Paris. I too have been saving my image all year and finally managed to use it for my Valentine greeting.

    It makes me smile every time I look at it.

  • This project of mine has been produced for and shown at an exhibition in Amsterdam in 2004.
    Many greetings and good luck to all who use the heart shape on stoplights all over European cities. I love you.