A limited edition of one million by Sighn


Artist/designer Sighn is creating a solid wood cutout saying "IT'S OK" in a limited edition of one million.

Every one of the pieces - made from scrap wood from the artist's studio - will be hand cut, signed and numbered by Sighn, who expects the project to take up to 60 years.

Sighn tells us: ""I just want to let you in on a project I'm working on. A hand cut edition of 1 million. No joke, this will probably take the next 30-60 years to finish. I am now planting a tree for every piece sold off my site. I'm also planning a 24 cut-a-thon this summer, where I will see how many I can cut out in one day."

There is a video explaining the project here.

The edition can be bought via Multi Polar Projects.

More info:


Edition of 1 Million
By Sighn
Released by Multi Polar Projects
2" x 3.5"
Varying thickness & type of Wood
Every piece is hand cut & numbered by the artist

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  • achille

    uh, a limited addition of 1 million? Good luck trying to sell 100,000.

  • tim

    As tempted as I am to make a flickr account of me making one of these signs this afternoon using my almost non existent wood working skills, I do not have 30 years to waste on this project like this guy does.

  • nyc

    On a similar note:
    Save our Souls’ bookshelf..

  • trevor

    whar crap – why even post this

  • marta

    that’s crap!!!
    and btw…..thhe first time I read this I thoug it said “U SUCK”

    try it…you’ll see I’m right

  • bbk

    dezeen, please stop promoting rubbish

  • Hank

    Maybe this is meant ironic? Get it? Limited edition of 1.000.000? I like it.

  • jed

    i like it! it’s loopy and it’s for a great cause.

  • Fran

    I don’t get it

  • MP

    OK, this is his trip. Cool.

    It’s not crap, no more than so many other things out there. So, cool.

    Using scrap material. Cool.

    Apparently committing to something this huge? Very cool.

    Hoax or not. Either way, cool.

    $24??? Wha…? You lost me there. So not cool.

  • jed

    “$24??? Wha…? You lost me there. So not cool.”

    quite cheap considering the price is not for the sign itself but to “plant… a tree for every piece sold off my site”. if he does this then it is remarkable. a bargain, in fact!

  • Anton

    Every time I look at it, I see “US UK”, and in United States United Kingdom. Am I alone?

  • Great. He’s going to plant one million trees.

  • If this guy makes a few million by the time he is in his sixties, from carving ‘it’s ok’ out of lame wood, and throughout the process manages to have planted 1.000.000 trees, reflected a lot (what else could you do during such repetitive work?? maybe I shouldn’t ask!) dedicated himself, publicy, to this task. Then I salute him….

    I would rather pay $24.00 for a tree to be planted in my name and receive something to remind me in my old age of this rather batty but beautiful idea. Although batty is does raise debate in many different areas….

    I dunno, I think I would be happier looking at this in 30 years time and thinking about the tree (fucking hippy!) and checking out whether he managed to do it (and become wealthy in the process!) rather than say…. looking at a wooden crate beside my bed, that has two names branded on it and cost me a whole lot more…..

  • saif

    ha ah haha lol , i thought it says ” it suk”