Design Indaba photos


We finally found time to post photos of design folk having fun at the various parties that took place during the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town the week before last. Above: Maxim Velčovský.

Check out Patrick Bourgogne's posts on the Creative Review blog for an idea of what happened at the conference itself. Above: Marije Vogelzang

The most interesting thing at Design Indaba this year was the 10x10 Housing Project, including MMA's sand-bag house (see our previous stories). Above: Fred Deakin and Nat Hunter of Airside

Above: Maxim Velčovský

Above: Marije Vogelzang, Mark Dytham and Jakob Trollbäck

Above: Fred Deakin and Nat Hunter of Airside

Above: Hideki Inaba

Above: Mark Dytham and Jason Bruges

Above: Hideki Inaba, Marije Vogelzang, Toshiyuki Kita and Laetitia Wolff

Marije Vogelzang and Frank Tjepkema

Above: Mark Dytham and Ivan Chermayeff

Above: Frederico Duarte

Above: Paul D Miller and Ravi Naidoo

Above: Fred Deakin and Jonathan Levien

Above: Fred and Jonathan again

Above: DJ Snoozy

Above: Li Edelkoort

Above: err, lots of people

Above: Frederico Duarte, Jakob Trollbäck and Ravi Naidoo

Above: Li Edelkoort and Tucker Viemeister

Above: Frederico Duarte and Maxim Velčovský

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  • michel

    unnecessary spam. What is this story for?

  • kur0yi

    what is this posting good for? or am i on the wrong blog?

    i would have found it funny if all of them where puking at each other, but…. seriousl? useless posting.

  • jed

    actually, i thought it was cool to see party photos in Dezeen. give this blog a break people.

  • Richard

    Ahh, lucky people to be in Cape Town…what a beautiful city it is.

  • Yaya

    These are ok, but what I really wanna see are pics of drunk Koolhaas, Zaha making out (:$), maybe some startchitects fighting some LEED certified asses
    !!more fun!!

  • zuy

    Maxim Velčovský alias little joseph , why the candle is not on your head?

  • jimmy

    ugly convention… i feel sick

  • Ben

    booooooring designers showing off having fun, yes we know its fun on the design circuit, lets see some of your recent design, or some real action not just: ‘err, lots of people’ what people why people…..

  • useles.. what, who, where is this? I don’t really care.