Fungus chairs by MAD



Chinese architect Ma Yansong of MAD has created a public seating concept called Fungus as part of a public art project at the Zhangjiang business park in Pudong, Shanghai.


The seating is made up of interlocking modules and is inspired by the growth of fungus clusters.


Here's a bit of text from MAD:


MAD, the young leading Chinese architecture design office, recently launched its Fungus chairs in Living Zhangjiang 2007, the large-scale public art project organized by Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park and the local government of Pudong District, Shanghai, China.


These public furnitures designed by Ma Yansong, founder of MAD office, represents the basic organic form that could create infinite combinations. They scatter in the urban public space as mushroom made of modern materials.


Looking into the urban environment from the biological point of view, the MAD fungi are the benign bacteria that contribute to the sound and reasonable development of the social culture.


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  • Very futuristic looking.

  • tommi

    Not too exciting bcoz it still got d’ shadow of hadid

  • loretta

    so beautiful. I like them.

  • chris

    would make interesting cladding

  • JJ

    They are fan-fuckin’-tastic!

  • Edgar

    Very Ron Arad.

  • J

    Please tommi, just for once, leave Zaha out of it.

  • Ok.
    Futuristic, beautiful, fantastic, blah, blah, blah.
    Now, i wanna see someone taking a rest on this.

    Saludos HAL.

  • togon

    er, gross? i wouldnt like to seat on a mushroom.

  • Imran

    Tommi i 100% agree with you.

  • Looks like a hazard to small children.

  • Arch

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they have worked under Zaha.
    They were influenced. Which is natural, I guess. So that’s why it’s not that exciting.

  • J

    firstly yes they worked for zaha hadid,

    they don’t look that comfy, nor would i want to sit on one, the material is cold, i would prob prefer to sit on the ground in a public area than to sit on the ‘mushrooms’, never the less cool forms, but it’s not nice seating…

  • martin

    they must do wonders to an aching back… just laying on those… watching stars.. love to have a couple of those in my city.

  • Ben

    Nice metal work, scale them down they’d make good candle holders. Sculptural seats that are more sculpture than seating. Leave it to zaha and ron they do this sort of stuff best.

  • joe

    there is a link between tessellating plastic blobs, fungi spores… and public seating?

    that’s cool but… *ahem*……what??

  • leandro locsin

    LOVE IT ! interesting to see how balance is achieved when someone sits on it. love the chrome and how it reflects the landscape. do some more Ma