Dezeen's top ten skyscrapers



Dezeen's (almost) monthly top ten: each month we present a hit parade of stories from our archive. Here are the skyscraper stories that were most popular during February:


1: In first place is a tower made of LEGO bricks. LEGO towers by Bjarke Ingels Group (above; viewed 2,098 times in February 2008).

2: 53 West 53rd Street by Jean Nouvel (above and top; viewed 1,942 times)


3: Moscow Expocenter by Zaha Hadid (viewed 1,509 times)

4: Jean Nouvel in Doha (viewed 1,429 times)


5: Scala Copenhagen by Bjarke Ingels Group (viewed 1,383 times)


6: Dynamic Architecture in Dubai (viewed 1,007 times)

7: Lilium Tower in Warsaw by Zaha Hadid (viewed 952 times)


8: Pierao XXI in Vigo by Jean Nouvel (viewed 835 times)

9: The Landmark in Beirut by Jean Nouvel (viewed 834 times)

10: Dubai Renaissance by OMA (viewed 784 times)

Just outside the top ten are Torre Bicentenario in Mexico City by OMA (viewed 736 times) and Phare in Paris by Morphosis (viewed 695 times). But despite this late showing by OMA, Jean Nouvel comes out tops in Dezeen's tower stakes.

That’s it for now; another top ten coming in April. Probably.

See also our list of the most popular stories during our first twelve months, published in November last year; and our top ten Dezeen stories from December.

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  • roadkill

    Bjarke Ingels Group two entries… the second with some architectural merit the other child’s play…. i hope the sponsorship deal [with lego] come out of a national drive to promote danish design… my vote goes to their second scheme…

  • Pieter

    All I see are smooth renderings, which are made to ‘sell’ the project. I wonder how these buildings will/would look like in reality.

  • Guy

    “Snow Pictures” ,as uttered by Paragon Architect (RSA), ” There isssnoway they gonna build it! but its a great way to win competitions”

  • tomas

    !! 2 PROJECTS congratulations !!

  • bald skull

    5: Scala Copenhagen by Bjarke Ingels Group

    my favorite of the bunch!

  • Harrie

    !! 4 PROJECTS congratulations !!

  • how amazing is lego??? i played with it so much growing up and it still comes out from time to time.. hope it continues to grow! great list.. i am tired of Zaha’s lines.. sorry

  • Oh goodness. I have a *ton* of photos from the lego show over at the Storefront for Arts and Architecture. That show was *great*! I’m glad other people got to see it also. :)

  • illegal


  • eyeontheworld

    Good job, I suppose, that the top ten is based on number of views. Otherwise………………

  • Morais

    Love The Landmark in Beirut by Jean Nouvel… and congratilations for the Pritzker

  • Morais

    congratulations…sorry !!!

  • Trang Tran

    Those buildings look nice yet they are only “cold” renderings (as someone’s already said: to “sell”). I can’t see the real harmony with the environment and the human.
    Love the LEGO tower ^^ it has the ‘alive’ sense and love its ‘typography’ yeah~~

  • leandro locsin

    nouvel… hadid… nouvel… hadid… nouvel. the shuffle can be endless but when do we start talking about ecology ?

    this will have a skyscraping impact to the environment for sure

  • Today the LPC is meeting hopefully to deny the transfer of air rights from St Thomas Church and the University Club which would allow the totally out of scale and context Nouvel Tower next to MoMA. It may be a building some like, but it does not belong on the midblock site. As designed, it is the same size if not taller than the Chrysler building. It belongs were it can be seen, near the West Side Highway or in New Jersey. It is pointless to inflict a 75+ story building in a Special PReservation subdistrict of low rise buildings and the community is fighting it. The Community board has voted twice to deny the transfer of air rights.

  • noga’z

    great work ! but i couldnt but say … do they really work in real life ??

  • lackofethics

    I am extremely shocked that the clergy of an institution which proclaims the ‘gospel of grace,’ to sell its soul to such a travesty as this architectural proposal. What in the name of grace, the gospel, the Trinity, or a ministry to the downtrodden, can the church team up with greedy developers and put up an extremely perverse and phallic structure? St. Thomas, which is already so wealthy, is thinking in totally market terms, in which it is virtually selling its soul. As a member of the congregation, I am ex-tremely disappointed with how it is selling its soul — like Judas, for 30 pieces of silver, and Peter, who denied Christ — for lack of trust in the living and resurrected Christ? When will the church be aligned with the economics of Jesus, and truly house the poor — instead of always catering to the rich? The economics of the project are questionable — is that the only way to get ‘free maintenance for a church?’ Also, the architecture — is perverse and phallic. There are no ethics involved in this project, and it should behoove Christ’s teachings regarding ’selling’ one’s possessions to give to the poor vs. selling one’s air-rights to cater to the rich

  • YO

    over half of these projects will get built….and they will be awesome….i love oma’s thin brick…its a big fu to som’s shit in the sky…

  • Poland, WARSAW!!!

    LILIUM TOWER! Warsaw, Poland. Yeah!!!

  • Poland, WARSAW!!!

    WARSAW! Zaha Hadid!!!

  • m

    tja, skyscraperdesign remains to me the part of architecture with least interesting designs. The only one that’s relevant in terms of architecture ironically for me is Dubai Renaissance by OMA – the one that is the least formalistic and the most about architecture.

  • bb

    jean nouvel 4 jean nouvel