Somewhere In Between by Andrew Aloisio



Australian designer Andrew Aloisio's lighting installation Somewhere in Between incorporates items of laboratory equipment from Italian plastics manufacturer Kartell.


With Somewhere In Between Aloisio hopes to unite the two main activities of Kartell: the Habitat division producing homeware and the Labware division manufacturing laboratory equipment.


The following text is from Aloisio:



Designer Andrew Aloisio reinterprets Kartell in his latest design installation.

Somewhere In Between is an installation of objects designed and created by industrial designer Andrew Aloisio. This is all achieved by using hand formed components made from aluminium combined with a range of carefully selected components from Kartell’s manufactured plastic Labware range.


Labware components used include test tubes, conical stoppers, test tube racks, retort stands, funnel holders, burette clamps and more.


The designs utilise these Labware components to perform functions away from what they would normally be used for. They assume a new identity in a completely new product.


From furniture to Labware, these new objects find themselves Somewhere In Between. The end result is a creative synthesis of components and designed objects.


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  • K. Rimane

    creating just for the sake of creating without a clear purpose is not something that impresses much. This project is a living example.
    Although i like the industrial feel of what’s been shown, i just don’t see the practical side of it in everyday life. Maybe its purpose has yet to be divulged.

  • karma del angel

    I don’t get it :/

  • Dragov

    Me neither

  • bald skull

    geeks delight

  • leandro locsin

    its not appealing to me. if a design repels, how will it ever engage ?

  • St. Luke

    K. Rim: That is often called art. And besides this is unusual art that can provide light. It also suggests recycling methods.

    Karma & Drag: It’s scuplture in the form of lighting created with testubes coupled with hand molded aluminum tubing. It’s supposed to look “clinical” and odd. It’s gonna be ok.

    Bald: :)

    Leo: Maybe if it repels you, it is a good sign that it will engage those it is intended to?

    I don’t like it for my place either but unlike K. Rim, I am impressed by those who just “create.” Better than just knocking things/people down . :) – Luke